What size are your bouncy castles? (How much room do you need?)

Mini castles require 3m x 3m area for set up, our mediums require 4m x 4m and larger after that.

How much are your bouncy castles?

Prices start from $100, prices vary on different sizes and can be matched to the age group, size of the party and your budget.

What ages can go on your bouncy castles?

Our mini bouncy castles are suitable for children 6 years old and under, and our medium range is recommended for 12 years old and under. We also provide inflatables that cater for any older persons.

Is there a weight limit?

Mini bouncy castles are suitable for up to 6 children at one time, Medium bouncy castles are suitable for up to 8 children at a time. The bouncy castles suit the average weight of the age groups.

What happens when it rains?

Due to electrical hazards we cannot set them up outside in the rain. There is no cancellation fee for bad weather, however, have you considered an indoor venue?

How high are the bouncy castles?

The 3m x 3m is 3.2m tall. Our 4m x 4m bouncy castles and slide castles are 4.3m tall and our big slides are 5m tall.

What is the latest time you stay out?

Our bouncy castles need to have their rental finished 60 minutes before the sun sets. You can have them later however there is an extra fee for this.

Do you have insurance? (Can I get a copy?)

We are (of course!) fully insured, and a copy of our policy is available on request.

Do I get a receipt?

An invoice will be given to you once payment has been made on the day of delivery.

What happens if we cancel?

If it is before 7 days of the function there will be no cancellation fee. There is also no cancellation fee due to bad weather.

Why cash or internet banking on the day?

Our drivers are very busy and have a limited time to allocate to each job. So if you could also have the correct change it would make it much simpler.

Can it be set up on concrete?

Yes we can bring weights out to anchor it safely and a safety mat.

Can it go in a park?

Yes! If it is for a party we can set up within 5m from where all the guests are sitting and there will be no additional costs compared to a backyard. If there is no power you will need to add $80 for a generator includes fuel.


Call our rental office 0800 025278 and we will help you to choose the right bouncy castle and size, for your party.


Your bouncy castle will then be delivered and installed within the hour before your party is due to start. The bouncy castle will need to be set up on grass (unless advised otherwise) and connected to electricity within 30 metres. The bouncy castle will be anchored safely and left in a clean condition. The rental fee will be paid in cash or internet banking upon the arrival of the installer on the day.


After your allocated time finishes we will return, dismantle and leave within about 25 minutes.


All Blast bouncy castles need to be supervised at all times by a person over the age of 18. We supply you with these rules and train you on-site in around 5 minutes. You will need to be present on installation. You are only permitted to do your own supervision when the party castle is set up on a residential property or a private party.

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